Welcome to Lethal disease

Lethal disease is a concept developed to put focus upon a various diseases, and different diagnoses in general. The people behind the company are persons who either has a diagnose according to the ICD10 Diagnosis scale, but also people who has been sexual abused, people with drug addiction, other kind of addiction, human betrayal and various physiological diseases. Therefore we know what darkness is, and knows how it feels like when the negativity takes over your mind, and you feel all alone in the dark. We have each found our own way through the darkness using various treatments such as cognitive therapies, self- knowledge and the right medication, but we also know that it is a hard and difficult road to travel, and we all understand why people give up during this travel. We have learned that one can’t finish this personal journey if you don’t accept your condition 100% - we know that this is a difficult process, and therefore we hope that this could be a small tool to be considered as a helping hand during your journey. Our goal is to create unique products according to the currently fashion. As we do this we believe that we can make a positive focus on diagnoses and diseases. 20% of the profit goes to various respective unions.
The profit from products marked with “lethal disease” label that doesn’t refer to a specific disease, will go to different projects concerning vulnerable children. The rest will be shared equally to the different disease groups. So far we have chosen to focus on the following: psychiatric diseases, heart diseases, cancer, diabetics, arthritis, lung and immune diseases. Our goal is to link further diseases; therefore we are open-minded if you should have any suggestions you would like us to bring focus on.

We hope that you will welcome our concept, and from the bottom of our hearts we hope that each of you, will be able to find your own road and the strength to walk it, so your life can be filled with love and light, despite any diagnose or pain you might carry with you. Donations will be posted on Facebook 31-12-17